Sam Kissajukian: 300 Paintings
Sam Kissajukian: 300 Paintings
Past Event

Sam Kissajukian: 300 Paintings


1 Sep - 1 Oct


The Sideshow Gallery
6 - 8 Atherden, The Rocks 2000

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Map, showing Sam Kissajukian: 300 Paintings

Prepare to embark on a captivating journey as the Sydney Fringe festival proudly presents "Sam Kissajukian: A Symphony of Comedy and Visual Art, Unraveling the Bipolar Mind."

An epic story combining comedy and visual art to explore the Bipolar mind. Sam unknowingly documented his mental states over a 5 month manic episode via the creation of 300 large paintings.

Sam has been a comedian for over a decade having toured globally. He’s recently had breakout success as a visual artist with solo exhibitions at Brisbane Powerhouse, the MRAG museum and an upcoming exhibition at Summerhall in the UK.

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