"Sydney Sleeps" Exhibition
"Sydney Sleeps" Exhibition
Past Event

"Sydney Sleeps" Exhibition


Nov 23 - Dec 13

Opening night: 5.30pm - 7.30pm, Nov 23


140 George Street
The Rocks

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Map, showing "Sydney Sleeps" Exhibition

A small exhibition of new works by award-winning Sydney photographer Andrea Francolini, proudly presented by Hunt Luggage Co.  

"Sydney Sleeps" is an ongoing series capturing the serene transformation of Sydney during twilight hours. It beautifully depicts the city's shift from day to night, with daytime noises giving way to harmonious quietude in the morning, and evening traffic gradually fading into the night. The series unveils Sydney's secrets in this unique juncture of the day, evoking a collective sigh of relief.

Andrea Francolini is a renowned photographer based in Sydney, specialising in corporate photography. With over 20 years experience behind the lens, Andrea has the unique ability to capture the essence of his subject, whether it be corporate portraits, architecture, or professional sailing.  

Andrea has also started photo tours, with Pakistan being the main destination due to his extensive travels in the country on a yearly basis since 2008. Andrea is also the founder of My First School Pakistan, an Australian charity which improves schooling conditions in northern Pakistan.