Tarot Course with Argyle Oracle
Tarot Course with Argyle Oracle
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Tarot Course with Argyle Oracle

6 week course

39 George Street,
The Rocks

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Map, showing Tarot Course with Argyle Oracle

Unlock the Secrets of the Tarot with Argyle Oracle

Embark on a transformative journey with the Argyle Oracle's Tarot Course. Learn the rich symbolism and meanings behind the cards, and awaken your intuition to forge a powerful connection with this ancient system of divination.

This course is designed for both beginners and those seeking to deepen their practice. Whether you're curious to explore  Tarot for the first time or looking to refine your interpretations, Helen will guide you every step of the way.

Eight participants per class. 

Week One: History of the Tarot
The Major Arcana - Archetypal and worldly meanings
A simple Tarot spread

Week Two: Review of the Major Arcana 
The Minor Arcana – Part One: 
Tarot Spreads and group readings

Week Three: The Minor Arcana – Part Two
More Tarot Spreads
Supervised group and one on one practice

Week Four: Timing and timing spreads
Supervised group and one on one practice 

Week Five: Relationship Spreads
Supervised one on one practice 

Week Six: Protection and professional techniques
Timing and open forum

The Course is taught from the Rider Waite Deck. Please bring your deck of cards or you can purchase them from the Arygyle Oracle. Comprehensive course notes are provided each week. 

Your Guide: Helen Beckman
Helen Beckman has been teaching Tarot and Psychic Development since shortly after founding The Argyle Oracle in 1993. She is deeply committed to fostering students' intuition and supporting their individual connection with the cards. Her classes will equip you with the methods and framework to unlock your own unique style and personal magic with the Tarot.