There's Something About Bottom
There's Something About Bottom
Past Event

There's Something About Bottom


7 Sep - 1 Oct


Sideshow - Reverie Rooms
32 Harrington St, The Rocks 2000

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An immersive experience of fairy mischief inspired by "A Midsummer Night's Dream" and Shakespeare's favourite ass.

Your boss, the Fairy Queen Titania, has a lot on their plate. Their ex has sent their minion Puck to cause havoc, their adopted/kidnapped child has gone missing, and they have fallen in love with a Bottom.

With the fairy realm descending into chaos, join forces with your fellow participants to solve problems, meddle with mortals, and navigate the escalating chaos to save the day before the end of Midsummer Night.

Will you help restore the natural order or revel in the delightful mayhem?

Part theatre, part game, mostly nonsense, you can decide who ends up on top.

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