National NAIDOC Week 2024
Keep the fire burning! Blak, Loud and Proud

National NAIDOC Week 2024

NAIDOC Week is a chance for Australians to come together and learn more about each other’s culture.
07 Jul 2024
14 Jul 2024

This year's theme celebrates the unyielding spirit of our communities and invites all to stand in solidarity, amplifying the voices that have long been silenced.

"Blak, Loud and Proud" encapsulates the unapologetic celebration of Indigenous identity, empowering us to stand tall in our heritage and assert our place in the modern world. This theme calls for a reclamation of narratives, an amplification of voices, and an unwavering commitment to justice and equality. It invites all Australians to listen, learn, and engage in meaningful dialogue, fostering a society where the wisdom and contributions of Indigenous peoples are fully valued and respected.

NAIDOC Week in The Rocks will be celebrated in The Rocks Discovery Museum with a free badge making workshop and display of the NAIDOC Week School Art Exhibition. Stay tuned for more exciting details.

Online Experiences

Learn one of the oldest languages in the world

Teach yourself the basics of a variety of Aboriginal languages with these downloadable language sheets. Ever wondered how someone said hello 65,000 years ago? Learn the basics of the revitalised languages of the First Nations of Australia with these downloadable resources.

Download the language sheet
Celebrate NAIDOC Week with guided virtual tours

Take a virtual tour from expert guides who will tell the real history of the Gadigal Aboriginal people.

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Aboriginal Film Occupation: Native

Occupation: Native is an Aboriginal Film that aims to engage all Australians in a national conversation about Australian history and what has been missing from our history books.

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First Nations inspired shopping

Indigenous art at the MCA Store
Buy original and replica works from some of Australia’s most prominent indigenous artists. The Museum of Contemporary Art Australia is the country’s leading exhibitor of modern Australian art. To celebrate NAIDOC Week, take a look at their online store and shop at their huge range of Aboriginal art, including painting, sculpture, silk scarves and much more.
Visit MCA Store
Experience First Nations art at Gannon House Gallery
Ethically sourced Aboriginal art representing stories told over millennia by the world’s oldest culture. Gannon House gives a rare insight into Aboriginal Art and the world’s oldest culture, with their gallery of locally sourced works. Each piece is ethically sourced from communities throughout Australia and includes comprehensive information about the artist and their process.
Visit Gannon House Gallery
Indigenous art and didgeridoos at Spirit Gallery
View Australia’s premier didgeridoo collection and a wide range of affordable art by First Nations people. The Spirit Gallery, exhibits and sells affordable Aboriginal art from a wide range of first nations traditional and contemporary artists. The gallery is also a hub for local didgeridoo players and hosts Australia’s premier didgeridoo collection, including instruments crafted by the likes of Nathan Burton, Bruce Rogers, Kristian Benton and IDIJ Yidaki.
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