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Love Child

George Street, The Rocks

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Discover Love Child's innovative Australasian fusion, where cultures and cuisines converge.

In the heart of Sydney, Love Child emerges as a culinary symphony, conducted by Palisa Anderson of the iconic Chat Thai. Love Child’s innovative dining concept is a love letter to the harmonious fusion of Australasian flavours, where Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, and Korean cuisines dance with Australia's freshest produce. Love Child's inception is a story of passion for bridging cultures through food, offering a menu that evolves with the seasons, always surprising and delighting the palate.

From sustainable seafood sizzling on induction woks to tender meats and crisp vegetables, each dish is a celebration of cultural diversity and culinary innovation. Love Child's journey is one of exploration and discovery, inviting diners to experience the art of fusion dining in a vibrant, alfresco setting. As Love Child returns to The Rocks George Street Food Gallery by popular demand, it continues to captivate and charm food enthusiasts with its unique blend of flavours. Every meal is an adventure, and every flavour tells a story.

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