18 Apr 2023

The best cheap eats in The Rocks

Bacon sandwiched in buttery brioche buns. Fried chicken doused in spicy sauce. Pizzas dripping with hot mozzarella. You can’t beat cheap eats.
The best cheap eats in The Rocks


Sydney is one of the world’s most beautiful cities but let’s be honest - it’s expensive! Luckily for locals and thrifty visitors there are cafes, eateries, bars and taquerias hiding all over the city that serve delicious cheap eats. 

To help you keep your bank account and belly full we’ve rounded up the best cheap eats restaurants in The Rocks. 

Aslan Coffee: Bacon & egg roll

Aslan imports beans from the Indonesian Archipelago and roasts them in-house to create a serious cup of coffee. Their saucy, salty bacon & egg roll is stuffed with crispy rashers and oozy egg - it’s the perfect caffeine accompaniment for just $8.50. 

El Camino Cantina: 10 cent wing Wednesday

The mango margaritas at El Camino Cantina are a must-try but if the bank balance is a little low there are much more affordable options. 

Drop in on Wednesday and you’ll get 20 wings for just $2 with the purchase of a soft drink or alcoholic beverage.


P’Nut Street Noodles: Chicken Naughty Boxes

P’Nut serve delicious, hot, Asian fusion food including noodles, fried rice and Thai curries. You could feed a family of four to five with their $59.95 family time feast but our favourites by far are their deliciously fried chicken naughty boxes for $10. 

Go for the fried chicken bites with sweet chilli mayonnaise and thank us later!

Pancakes on The Rocks: Famous pancake stacks

There’s something about pancakes for breakfast that simply makes you feel golden. Come to Pancakes on The Rocks and you’ll get that feel-good factor when you order their famous pancake stack - three pancakes topped with maple syrup and whipped butter for just $9.95!

Ribs & Burgers: Old School Cheese

You can put all sorts in a burger, from cranberry and brie to halloumi and ham. But sometimes the best burgers are simple - pickles, a juicy beef pattie, American cheese, red onion, tomato sauce and mustard is all you really need. 

That’s exactly what you’ll get with the perfectly executed Old School Cheese at Ribs and Burgers for $13.90. Can’t beat a classic!

Zia Pina Pizzeria: Margarita pizza

Do you ever crave pizza and nothing else will do? On those nights visit Zia Pina where they serve an $18 margarita pizza with just the right mixture of melty mozzarella, rich tomato sauce and fresh basil. 

It’s big enough for a light dinner for two - split the bill and that’s $9 each.