19 Dec 2023

What to pack for NYE in The Rocks: Our top tips for festive fun!

Make your New Year's Eve in The Rocks a breeze with our top tips of what to pack!

New Year's Eve in The Rocks is a night of spectacular moments, cherished memories, fun for the whole family! And to make sure you have an unforgettable night, it's essential to pack the right essentials. So, let's dive into the must-haves and the absolute no-nos to make this year's celebration as easy as counting down from 10!

1. Sunscreen and hats

Sydney is renowned for its sunny weather, and even as the sun sets on New Year's Eve, we know a long wait in the sun for the big countdown can make it hot, hot, hot. It’s important to leave those umbrellas, tents, and shade structures at home though; so a bit of sunscreen and a stylish hat can go a long way in keeping you comfortable.

2. Picnic blanket

Secure your spot early and lounge in style on a comfy picnic blanket. It's your front-row seat to the mesmerizing fireworks show! But remember, no camping chairs or milk structure allowed – let's keep the seating low and the vibe high!

3. Snacks

Keep the hunger pangs at bay with some delicious snacks! Whether it's gourmet nibbles or your favourite guilty pleasures, snacks are a must. Just make sure to leave the BBQs and cooking equipment behind; be our guest with over than 150+ places to eat and drink.

4. Water bottle

Stay hydrated throughout the night. A reusable water bottle ensures you're refreshed and ready to cheer as the clock strikes midnight. We’ve got plenty of areas to refill those handy vessels for free. And speaking of bottles, leave the glassware at home – plastic cups it is!

5. Opal card

The Opal Card is your golden ticket to seamless travel. Leave the car at home and hop on and off public transport hassle-free, making your journey to The Rocks a breeze. Ditch the skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, and bicycles – we're on foot and fancy-free!

6. Entertainment galore

Bring along your iPad, Nintendo, or board games to keep the excitement going while waiting for the festivities to kick in. A little friendly competition can add a whole new level of fun! But no balls, drones, frisbees, or kites allowed – the sky belongs to the fireworks, not your flying gadgets!

7. Portable phone charger

With all the photo-worthy moments, your phone is sure to need a boost. A portable charger ensures you don't miss a single memory.

Now that you're all set with your fabulous essentials and a list of what to avoid, brace yourself for a New Year's Eve celebration like no other. So, pack your bags and get ready to welcome the new year with open arms, a big smile, and a night full of spectacular surprises!