Astrology readings during Vivid
Astrology readings during Vivid
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Astrology readings during Vivid


May 28  9.30am - 9.10pm

May 31  9.30am - 9.10pm

June 4  9.30am - 9.10pm

June 7  9.30am - 9.10pm

June 14  9.30am - 9.10pm


39 George Street,
The Rocks

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Map, showing Astrology readings during Vivid

What's written in your stars? Argyle Oracle readings from $35 for 15 minutes

Astrologers and seers will be on hand during the starstruck nights when 'Written In The Stars' is performed as part of Vivid.

Find out what's written in your stars with an astrological consultation at The Argyle Oracle established in 1993.

From $35 for 15 minutes, your astrologer will decode your specific astrological birth chart to unveil strengths and opportunities. Tarot, numerology and palmistry will also available each starstruck night.

Book in between 9.30 am until the sky show 'Written in the Stars' commences at 9.10 pm, with one of the specialist astrologers and resident Tarot Readers, Palmists and Numerologists to reveal possible pathways and reveal insights of current situations.

$120 for one hour, $90 for 45 minutes, $70 for 30 minutes and $35 for 15 minutes.

Let the friendly staff and charming shop be a comfort and warmth, as you peruse mystical books and mystical wares.