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An art exhibition bringing together the artist residents of Studio 4.

WAREHOUSE brings together four artists who have been inspired by their shared time in a vacant terrace. 

Studio 4our, as it came to be known, was formerly part of Avery Terrace, a heritage-listed house located at 4 Atherden Street in the inner-city Sydney suburb of The Rocks. 

Between November 2021 and April 2022 the property was repurposed by Authority Creative as artists studios, a creative hub which allowed its residents the time and space to experiment, develop new ideas, and build connections with the local community.

While these artists' approach to subject matters, themes and outcomes are vastly different, they share a commonness in their love for materiality. 

AMY NEAVE works across drawing and sculpture to explore the female form as abstract landscapes by using paper, clay, and fabric. 

FILIPA TOJAL is a painter inspired by nature who uses found and organic materials to create deeply contemplative abstractions. 

Working primarily in charcoal, KRISTONE CAPISTRANO is known for his monumental and visceral portrait drawings.

TRISTAN CHANT is a collage and textile artist with a focus on the commercial image and our changing relationship to photography.

Housed in an old warehouse adjacent to the studios this exhibition brings together four bodies of work by the artists which exemplify their love for materiality, process and experimentation.


Opening Night: 6pm 19 May


6/8 Atherden St
The Rocks

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Map, showing WAREHOUSE