Whisk(e)y on The Rocks

Whisk(e)y on The Rocks

Sip your way through some of the world’s finest whisk(e)ys, experience incredible masterclasses and discover tantalising Whisk(e)y offers throughout Sydney’s best bars, pubs and restaurants.
19 Nov 2020
22 Nov 2020


Calling all whisk(e)y first timers, flavour hounds, crafters and sippers, right through to the most sophisticated whisk(e)y-lovers, get ready to round up your friends for an immersive Whisk(e)y adventure around The Rocks! 

The Rocks is hosting ‘Whisk(e)y on The Rocks’... a next generation four day whisk(e)y festival from Thursday 19 – Sunday 22 November. Guests will be led by their own palette, interests and curiosity throughout the festival sites and venues.

This will be a ‘journey of the senses’, rich with discovery, tastings, places and venues throughout the iconic Rocks. No two journeys and experiences will be exactly the same, and guests can start and visit the festival zones in the order they like, before heading on to explore the venues on the Whisk(e)y Trail. 

There are four key Whisk(e)y Festival Zones to explore for two hours before continuing your journey on The Rocks Whisk(e)y Trail through the many pubs and bars in The Rocks.


Tickets are $25, which includes 7 tokens that are redeemable for a vast selection of brand samples across the festival. 


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The Rocks Whisk(e)y Trail

Keep the good times rolling by joining the The Rocks Whisk(e)y Trail and sip, taste and explore your way through some of Sydney’s best bars, pubs and restaurants. From 'Drams on The Rocks' to 'Highballs' to 'Old Fashioned's' and everything in between, discover and savour some of the world’s finest whisk(e)y's to your heart’s content. More details of bespoke experiences and offers to be released over the coming weeks!


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Covid-Safe.gifCOVID-19 Planning
Whisk(e)y on The Rocks is an exciting move for Sydneysiders as the city begins to re-open, continuing support for those venues heavily impacted by the effects of the global pandemic. The festival will adhere to ongoing restrictions and social distancing protocols as mandated by the New South Wales government. All consumers will go through a COVID check-in and will be urged to practice social distancing while enjoying whisk(e)ys and experiences from around the world.