07 Nov 2023

Tiny Town, Big Festive Spirit - Meet Nico Nicoson

Artist Nico Nicoson's Aussie Christmas dream comes to life at The Rocks.

A stroll through The Rocks’ cobblestone laneways is like walking into a storybook and this season’s chapter is all about our uniquely Australian Christmas. Nico Nicoson—illustrator, muralist, and now miniature maestro—welcomes you to his ‘Christmas Village’ at The Rocks Christmas Wonderlanes. This is a narrative told not in words, but in miniature historic buildings that capture the very essence of an Australian Yuletide.

About his work

Artist Nico Nicoson’s Christmas villages are modelled on the buildings found within the sandstone lanes of The Rocks. Nico doesn't just recreate The Rocks, however; he reimagines it with a sun-soaked Christmas twist that captures the laid-back Aussie holiday vibe.

In Nico's hands, The Rocks’ heritage sandstone buildings are reborn. These mini marvels are more than historic replicas; they're drenched in the Aussie Christmas spirit—sun, surf, and the quintessential backyard celebration. Think sunbathing on the beach, backyard cricket, and those iconic summer feasts. It's a microcosm of the season's best, a tiny tribute to all the things we love most about celebrating Christmas in summertime.

“For me, there’s nothing like our Australian festive season. Lazy days spent under blue skies and the smiling sun. Time spent getting back to nature, visiting the beach or countryside with friends. Special foods enjoyed together with family and backyard games played just for fun,” Nico muses.

Nico’s creations are a stroll through nostalgia and novelty alike – a fresh take on the familiar. Keep an eye out for beachy elements like sea creatures and sandcastles as you wander through the laneways from George Street to Unwins Courtyard. Be sure to make a pitstop at the George Street alfresco area in all its pastel-pink glory where you’ll discover elements from the festive table—peeled prawns, fresh cherries and ice-cream, all accompanied by the beauty of our gorgeous Australian landscapes and native flora.

Beyond captivating Christmas artworks waiting to be explored, The Rocks Christmas Wonderlanes are buzzing with the spirt of the season in a festive feast for the senses. Take time to slow down and savour a stroll that brings into focus the memories and meaning that make an Aussie Christmas so special.