Family Flavours Edition
A taste of love in every bite

Family Flavours Edition

Step into The Rocks Markets, where each stall is both a feast for your taste buds and a vibrant chapter of family lore.
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At The Rocks Markets, stallholders aren’t just selling; they're storytelling, sharing bites that have been cherished in their family for generations. Ready to taste the tradition? Dive into the stories that season these culinary gems, where every mouthful is a slice of history and each flavour a lasting legacy.

Miss Focaccia

Miss Focaccia is a tribute to a beloved ‘Nonna’ and her timeless recipes. "My main source of inspiration has always been my grandma. Growing up, every Sunday was our day to make focaccia together," reflects founder Maria. Honouring this tradition, she brings to The Rocks Markets the authentic taste of Italy, handed down through generations. "It will take you straight to Italy—it’s traditional and simple but full of flavour," she promises, capturing the essence of her heritage in every slice. There’s Australian twists too in tomato pesto and veggie and pesto focaccia.

Ervas Bitters

Ervas Bitters embodies a story of spice, heritage, and innovation. Drawing inspiration from his grandfather, a spice trader in Southern India, owner Johny brings a piece of his family's legacy to The Rocks Markets. "He used to bring wild spices from the indigenous people who lived in the forest into the village's fruit and veggie market," he shares. “Everything I know about the magic of spices started with him.” At The Rocks, he sees an opportunity to showcase his family-inspired spice mixes to a global audience. With the changing seasons, they've introduced mulled wine, mulled cider, and hot chocolate, meeting modern needs while keeping the tradition alive.

La Gitana Sydney

La Gitana Sydney’s paella is a story of family and a deep love for Spanish cuisine. Owners Simon and Esther both hail from Elche in southeast Spain, and the dish runs through their families’ histories. He recalls watching his grandma cook paella over a woodfire, while his mother served it later at her own restaurant. 

Traditional Spanish paella is often made with wild local ingredients, such as chicken, rabbit and snails. Here, the flavours have been updated to suit modern Australian tastes too, including chicken and chorizo and vegan paella cooked with potatoes, beans and onions. Good quality Spanish rice is key. "It’s authentic and healthy," Simon emphasises, capturing the essence of Spanish culinary tradition.

Taste of the Caribbean

At Taste of the Caribbean, the vibrant flavours of the Caribbean islands take centre stage, each dish a celebration of cultural heritage. Owner Jaqueline loves introducing Caribbean tastes to Australians and visitors alike, from traditional jerk seasoning spices, rubs and marinades to pineapple, mango and even chocolate habanero hot sauce. Made from locally sourced, all natural ingredients, they blend aromatic herbs, fiery spice and a hint of sweetness. 

Although her business is online (, Jacqui loves being at The Rocks Markets on weekends. "It’s the port where all walks of life come through, everyone comes here and is inspired by what they see every week. It’s so enjoyable.”

Tenacious Croissant

Tenacious Croissant was conceptualised by Yeongjin Park, a former Lode and Picco Leo pastry chef, who opened his own establishment in Darlinghurst—Tenacious Bakehouse. The bakery is a testament to his expertise, blending traditional French techniques with his Korean heritage. 

The menu features unique offerings such as “kimcheese” croissants and fermented tomato pastries. Among the seasonal specials, the vibrant grape tart and the buttery croissant stuffed with cabbage stand out. However, for those in the know, the real highlight is the Portuguese tart, reimagined with a miso glaze that's simply unforgettable. 

Yeongjin loves the global culinary exchange that occurs at the markets: "People from all around the world visit The Rocks Market; that’s why we are here. I want to share our products internationally."

That's Amore Street Pizza

Taste a little piece of Italy with every slice from That's Amore Street Pizza, where husband and wife team Anna and Roberto share their passion for authentic Italian pizza, a craft passed down through generations of cooks and pizza aficionados in their family. Today, their pizzas blend fresh seasonal produce, such as truffles and courgette flowers, with traditional recipes. With a much-loved restaurant in Haberfield, the couple love the vibrant, open-air atmosphere of The Rocks Markets. “We've tried other markets, but there’s a different atmosphere here,” says Roberto. “It’s magical.”