07 Jul 2023

The best chocolate dishes in The Rocks

Oozing fondants, syrupy pancakes with chocolate chips, rich, dark mousses and silky cakes. This is chocolate heaven.
The best chocolate dishes in The Rocks

Chocolate is the best flavour in the world (fact) and we can’t get enough of it. If you’re a chocoholic like us, you’ll be glad to know the many restaurants and cafes in The Rocks are hiding dozens of delicious chocolate desserts and snacks. To help you find them we stepped into our stretchy pants and scoured Sydney for the best chocolate dishes in The Rocks.

Guylian Café: Raspberry chocolate fondant

Guylian was clearly started by someone who was head over heels for chocolate because they serve it in every imaginable form. There’s chocolate domes filled with white chocolate mousse, rich Belgian hot chocolates, hazelnut chocolate pralines, mud cakes, ice creams and waffles slathered in choccy sauce. 

But our favourite of all is the velvety, raspberry chocolate fondant, which oozes dark chocolate sauce and features a sprinkling of freeze dried berries.


La Renaissance: Juju cake

La Ren is the only patisserie in the southern hemisphere to ever be admitted into the prestigious Relais Desserts, an organisation which recognises the best French patisseries in the world. 

That means their French pastries may be the best this side of the equator. Taste their incredible pain au chocolat and we think you’ll agree - it’s just the right amount of butter, with rich chocolate filling and an unbelievably flaky exterior. Heaven.


Emporium of Chocolate: Dulce de leche chocolates

Have you ever tasted dulce de leche? This caramelised milk dessert is similar to caramel, but without the bitterness, with a more creamy flavour. It beats caramel hands down and  it’s the only sweet treat that can hold a candle to good chocolate. 

Well, the bright sparks at Emporium of Chocolate have combined chocolate and dulce de leche with glorious results. These handmade, artisan chocolates strike exactly the right balance between milk chocolate and gorgeous slow-cooked dulce de leche. 


Pancakes on The Rocks: Chocolate peanut butter stack

Some matches are just made in heaven. Like chocolate, peanut butter and pancakes for example. 

The chefs at Sydney’s most iconic pancake joint, Pancakes on The Rocks, created the chocolate, peanut butter stack with that in mind. It features homemade smooth peanut butter, sandwiched between two rich chocolatey pancakes, topped with vanilla ice cream then drizzled with smooth peanut butter and chocolate sauce. The best part? It’s pancakes, so technically you can have this for breakfast!


Pony Dining: Silken chocolate cake

Pony Dining are famous for their woodfired Australian produce and steaks kissed by flame, but their dessert menu’s worth a look too. The highlight for us has to be the silken chocolate cake. 

This elegant, indulgence dessert features an impossible smooth and light, but somehow rich cake that bursts with dark chocolate flavour. All that, topped with whipped cream, black sesame, hazelnuts and beautiful edible flower petals.

Luna Lu: Dark Chocolate Mousse

Luna Lu is a luxurious Asian fusion restaurant that fuses premium Australian ingredients (like wagyu beef, caviar and lobster) and traditional Chinese cooking techniques. The results are delicious. 

But the highlight of their entire menu is an impossibly luxe, decadent chocolate mousse. This little beauty features super rich 70% cocoa, 24k gold flakes, handmade rose crumble and meringues.